Trade HERizons — Information for Employers and Educators

Trade HERizons program is designed to increase women's access to employment in non-traditional trades and technology. This is done by building positive relationships between employers, mentors and women interested in various trades and technology sectors.

Here are just some examples of non-traditional career areas or jobs for women:

  • Trades — automotive service technician, cabinetmaker, carpenter, construction electrician, machinist, plumber, steamfitter/pipefitter, welder
  • Aerospace and Industrial Technology — aircraft gas engine technician, electromechanical technician, energy systems engineering technician, HVAC technician, industrial electrician, wind turbine technician, commercial diver, power engineer
  • Information Technology — computer programmer or analyst, internet or intranet software developer, network technician/administrator, video game designer
  • Engineering Technology — architectural, construction, or electronics engineering technician

How can employers get involved in Trade HERizons?

Host a Worksite Visit

Promote your business and trade or technology by hosting a tour at your worksite for Trade HERizons participants.

Be a Mentor or Guest Speaker

Encourage women to consider training in your trade or technology by being a guest speaker or mentor a woman through her apprenticeship or training.

Hire Women in Trades or Technology

Invest in your business by hiring qualified women as apprentices, Red Seal tradespeople or certified technicians.

Business Case for Hiring Women in Trades and Technology

Positive qualities

Employers say, generally speaking, that women make excellent employees in trades and technology because they:

  • follow instructions well
  • are detailed and safety oriented
  • deliver great customer service

Solving skills shortages

Skilled labour shortages in trades and technology are increasing due to an aging workforce and lack of skilled workers to replace them. Women are a virtually untapped resource to fill these shortages.

Better Bottom Line

Having skilled women in trades and technology as employees has big payoffs with little cost for employers.

  • Employers who are able to keep skilled women on the job usually have positive and productive workplaces for everyone. Positive and productive workplaces have fewer costs related to employee turnover, illness and injury
  • Women treat employers' equipment as if it was their own. Employers who hire skilled women in trades and technology tend to have less equipment repair and replacement costs.
  • Female employees can increase a business' ability to bring new ideas and solutions to the workplace. This can help businesses have a competitive edge.

Project Status

Trade HERizons career exploration and college prep program started in 2010. Over the years the program courses have been offered in a number of different ways and lengths of time. Courses are free to eligible participants. Currently, the program is part of our Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) programming.