Ways to Get Involved


Women's Network PEI works to better lives of Prince Edward Island women, and thus promotes the good of society as a whole. It is in everyone's interest that our important work continues to be supported. In our work we rely on project funding which is not always consistent. Any donation amount that you can spare is highly appreciated and could help make our programming and services uninterrupted.

Browse the website and check us out on social networks to learn about our projects, programming and services.

You can also send us an e-transfer with your donation to admin@wnpei.org.


Every year, Women's Network PEI Board of Directors organizes an awesome fundraising event - Celebrate Island Women. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses and individuals to get involved and show their support. More information

Advocate - Activate - Organize

Every member of the society, regardless of gender, age, or economic status, is affected by the way the society treats women and girls. It is very important that we all take part in efforts to achieve true equality for women, for the benefit of all of us. There are many ways you can take action to help improve the status of women and girls in your community, your province, region, country, or the world. Here are some examples:

  • Stay informed about things affecting lives of women and girls
  • Speak up about women's issues whenever there is a need and an opportunity
  • Write or talk to your political representatives about issues affecting women and girls
  • Vote for women and candidates who listen to women's concerns
  • Take part in public protests advocating for women and girls and improvement of their status in society
  • Volunteer for or support an organization in your community that helps women and girls