Paths to Prosperity

Paths to Prosperity Participants
Paths to Prosperity project participants

Paths to Prosperity was a three-year project designed to plan, develop and implement a community response to poverty. The project engaged many stakeholders: low-income women, community groups, government, employers, and many others, in order to create a collaborative model to support Island women and men living in poverty to transition to a sustainable livelihood.

We have heard from those living in poverty, and from front-line workers who are trying to provide support to these Islanders, and their stories are compelling. Over the summer of 2013 Women's Network turned all of those stories into a community response to poverty report. This report contains recommendations for community, government and business.

Our goal was that this report would get people in our community talking — talking about poverty and how to tackle it. We also hope this report will get people thinking about how to create and sustain healthy, happy communities. We can't do this without everyone's involvement.

Community Response to Poverty

In the fall of 2013, Women's Network PEI organized a series of public sessions in order to hear what communities all across PEI had to say about ending poverty on our Island. Our community report contains recommendations for community, government and business.

Following the community feedback sessions we compiled a list of recommendations under eight main headings: Food, Housing, Transportation, Education, Employment, Social Assistance, Justice and Health.

Our Reality: Living in Poverty on PEI

As part of this project, with support from the City of Charlottetown, Women's Network PEI organized an exhibition titled 'Our Reality' Living in Poverty on PEI: A Photo Exhibit. The exhibition opening event took place March 20th, 2014, at the Confederation Centre of the Arts Concourse.

All of the women involved in the photo exhibit took part in an eight-week community engagement skills-building program. The photo exhibit is the final aspect of this training.

With very basic instruction in photography, composition and design, the participants ventured out to capture images of their world. These images, combined with minimal text, help give voice to the reality that many low-income people live everyday in PEI.

Project Funder

Project Timeline: 2012 - March 2015

This project was wrapped up in March 2015, when the final report went to funders. We are hoping that we left a lasting impact on the Island community and that the conversation we have started about poverty issues will continue, and action will follow, until all Islanders have adequate means to support themselves and their families.