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Successful employers have recognized that employees' needs have changed. A flexible work program makes a company more attractive to employees, and in fact, these types of environments are often considered the most important factor when Canadians are looking for a new job.

An environment where management sparks meaningful discussions with employees, and understands that work and personal life are connected, is one that will see the benefits of ignited employees who are motivated to exceed expectations. When employers work together with their employees to meet individual and business needs, everyone succeeds.

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The Ignite! program is for any business, start-up, NGO, or government department and lays the framework for your workplace to be both successful and supportive. By working together, we can help develop a planned initiative that allows your employees to take care of themselves and their lives. While growing their dedication and loyalty to your organization, they will be increasing their productivity and commitment to a job well done.

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Let us provide you with everything you need, and you can become a recognized Ignited Employer. You'll receive some marketing materials to help you tell your story of creating a supportive environment for your team. Getting started is easy. Just contact us by email, or call our office at 902-368-5040. From there, we can help you develop a plan that is unique to your workplace. Using our simple checklist, you can be confident that your program is optimized and working for you. After that, you will be recognized as an Ignited Workplace!

Women's Network PEI has an extensive expertise in a number of areas. We are educated, experienced, highly skilled and adaptable professionals, and we bring a focus on excellence to all of our work. We exercise interest-based practices in all our engagements.

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